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End of Season Report

2022 Boys Section President’s Report

2022 has been another great season for our Norths Eagles boys’ section of the club.

As you know, our values are simply that our eagles have fun, form lifelong friendships, have development opportunities and are cared for as players and people.  Our children learn so much from being involved in a team sport and being part of a club community.  They also get to meet children from a whole stack of other schools and backgrounds.  Team sports, such as hockey, are great for physical and mental well-being.  Thank you to all the parents and caregivers who recognise the importance of this and provide the opportunity for your children to play at our club.

We particularly welcome this year all those who are new to our sport and club, including our under 7 and under 9 cohorts.  We hope that you have many years (and decades) ahead of you at Norths.  Please remember to tell your mates about how great and safe hockey is compared to other winter sports.  We want to keep growing our playing numbers in the years ahead especially at under 7 to under 11 year groups.

On the field, we have had success.  At the time of writing this report, 5 out of our 7 (under 11 to J) teams have qualified for the finals.  In addition to this we have had 36 of boys represent Brisbane or other regional associations at State Championships and 7 selected for Queensland (including shadows).  My observation has been that those boys who regularly attend training, Eagles Academy and do their own training at home get the best results from their game.  Essentially, hockey is a sport that really rewards those players who put in this effort.

I would like to thank those people who make sure that our eagles get the opportunities that they do:

Michelle Keir – Michelle is the backbone of our club and works tirelessly throughout the season in an unpaid administrative and logistics role.  For someone who does not play, there are not too many people around who know more about hockey than Michelle.  I am extremely grateful for the support that Michelle has provided throughout the entire season and offseason, almost on a daily basis.

Coaches and Managers – our coaches and managers are exceptional.  Every one of them is a volunteer and I am truly grateful for all that they do.  The club could not function without them.

Wayne Tucker, Norths Old Boys and Men’s Section – thank you for all the opportunities, including financial support that you provide our boys.  Having our boys and men’s sections work so closely together is a real strength of our club and provides the boys with a future pathway into playing with the seniors.  It is always magical seeing dads play with their sons.  I very much hope to get the opportunity of playing with my two boys in the years ahead!

Paul Tucker and Eagles Academy – the Academy goes from strength to strength each year.  Quite simply the results speak for themselves.  I hope you are proud of what you are achieving.  We are very grateful for your support and you are an integral part of our section.

Volunteers – thank you to Ange Harrison and Gen Schweitzer who have managed the canteen, Kerrie Quine who has looked after indoor hockey, Kerrie and Allison Nixon who sorted out our merchandising and all those who have helped out in the canteen, the BBQ, registration day and setting up on game day.  Thank you to our two secretaries (Luke Tucker and Sean Wright) and also Aaron Griffin who has provided me with great guidance throughout the year and still is the heart and soul of our section.  Aaron’s shoes were enormous and can’t be filled.  However, I’m very grateful that he continues to supports us in so many ways.

Adam Day and Nest Rectification Team – Daisy (our groundsman) also works tirelessly throughout the season without pay.  We are very grateful for what you do.  The Nest rectification project was massive and we are so grateful to Daisy, Darren Quine and all the parents who came down to help.  Thank you also to those who made a financial donation to help rectify the Nest.

Norths Inc and Girls Section – thank you also to our colleagues in the girls’ section (particularly Vanessa Kramer and Mel Wright) and the broader Norths Inc community (particularly Jacob Toigo, Tanya Swan and Bron Morris) including our women’s section (particularly Shaelene Dalzell).  We are one club and we have enjoyed finding ways of working together and supporting each other.

We will have a few weeks off and we will be back in action soon with indoor hockey and the off-season Eagles Academy.


Yours in hockey,


Russell Thirgood

Post Season Academy Dates and Times

Dates and Times for Eagles Boys Academy @ The Nest

Wednesday 12 October 
Wednesday 26 October
Wednesday 9 November
Wednesday 16 November (including Christmas Celebration)

6pm to 7pm - under 11 and under 13 (including the under 9 players who played up this year)
7pm to 8pm - J players

Field players and goalkeepers welcome for each session

Expressions of Interest - Boys Coaches in 2023

Please let Russell Thirgood know by email ( if you are interested in coaching in 2023.  Your expression of interest is to include:


  1. Which team you would like to coach in 2023
  2. Whether you have a second preference (or do not mind which team you coach)
  3. Whether you have a preference as to who you would like to coach with
  4. Reasons (optional for existing coaches) as to why you would like to coach
  5. Any other relevant information you would like to provide (optional)


Expressions of Interest are requested by 16 November 2022.  A selection committee will be formed to make the appointments.


This will assist with any planning that needs to be done in December, especially at the J level (who get into the swing of things in January with trials and then J1 fixtures). 


Best wishes

Norths Boys Management Committee